The NetSure Advantage

Free up 20% of your total IT budget with Curvature's
third-party maintenance solution.

NetSure – the smart alternative to OEM maintenance
for your entire data center: networking, servers, storage.

  • Complete support alternatives
  • Extended infrastructure life
  • Flexible contracts
  • Advanced replacement options
  • Multi-generation support
  • Curvature’s contract management system
  • 24x7 technician phone access. 

Get NetSure.

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We could not afford from Cisco the level of coverage we needed. Until NetSure, we had not seen an alternative that was attractively priced and suited all of our network maintenance and support needs.
Whenever I call the NetSure support line, I speak directly with an experienced engineer who is going to be the one to ultimately help me. And within minutes, we are exchanging emails to help address and solve my problem. The Curvature team always goes above and beyond to meet my needs as quickly as possible, and I feel like I am treated like a king.
— Manager of IP Network Services, Telecom Company